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This cordless vibrator is an essential tool when laying large format tiles by ensuring an even distribution of mortal behind the tile. The high frequency vibrations it produces greatly reduces any air pockets creating a stronger bond. The integrated suction cup and bulls-eye level allow for smooth one-handed operation.||Essential when laying large format tiles. Includes large suction cup for uniformed force.|| High frequency vibration ensures even distribution of mortar behind the tile. Vibration can be used with suction cup in locked or open position.||One hand operation. Maximum lifting capacity of 110 lb (50KG). Lever style suction cup lock.||Incorporated bulls-eye level for precise tile placement.||Includes one high-capacity lithium-ion battery and charger.

Package Dimension: 430.00x250.00x250.00mm or16.9x9.8x9.8in
Package Weight: 1.60kg or0.0lbs