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  • Cabot Gypsum vinyl covered lay-in ceiling panels are an attractive
  • durable
  • and economical tile designed for use in standard suspended ceiling grid system
  • Cabot Gypsum vinyl covered panels are manufactured with USDA approved white vunyl finish laminated to either 1/2" regular gypsum board
  • or 1/2" Type C fire rated gypsum board
  • Cabot gypsum vinyl tile panels are designed for use in restaurant and institutional kitchens
  • food processing plants
  • supermarkets
  • warehouses and other areas where durability and washability are priorities over acoustical performance
  • Do not use where there is direct exposure to water. Do not use in areas of high humidity such as swimming pools
  • shower dressing rooms
  • etc. Provide ventilation in unheated or enclosed spaces above panels
  • Provide retainer or hold-down clips where sudden wind or sudden air pressure change may cause panel uplift. or outdoor applications
  • use only a suspended system approved for exterior use

Package Weight: 999.99kg or2.2lbs